Question by  whutt316 (68)

What is the best brand of AA batteries?

We go through a lot at my house so I want the ones that last longest.


Answer by  bean11 (2803)

I have found that the best brand of AA batteries are the Energizer brand. That is my personal preference; another good battery brand is Duracell. No matter what type of batteries you choose to use, however, you can always extend the battery life by storing them in the freezer. The cold temperature will make the batteries last longer.


Answer by  pilotman (158)

Any name brand will last a long time. I personally use, and have used for a while, Energizer batteries. I have used many other batteries, and Energizer seems to last the longest.


Answer by  ravensoffspring (412)

Energizer are the best known and overall best rated brand of AA batteries in the market today, not to mention that they have the best mascot. That rabbit just keeps on going! I trust Energizer.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

The best ones are good rechargeable batteries, but if you want disposable AA batteries I would have to say that Radio Shacks seem the best to me.

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