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Question by  cathy (39)

What is the best bottled tomato sauce?


Answer by  robert44122 (60)

Look for tomato sauces made from San Marzano tomatoes from Italy. That is key to good sauce. The best brand is probably Cento.


Answer by  MannaBar (73)

I love Prego with real herbs and spices. The consistency is thicker; like my own home-made sauce and it's not too bitter to the taste. I have been known to add some fresh vegetables to Prego and let it all simmer; makes for a delicious pasta dish. Prego is the way to go.


Answer by  Sammienz (5)

Personally I prefer Watties Tomato Sauce. It has amazing flavor, Beautiful texture, and has good consistency. Watties is a leading brand and I support them 100%. Most Tamato sauces are very runny, Watties stays on your plate and goes over your food like you have spread marmite on toast. I love Watties Tomato Sauce


Answer by  kayleen (128)

I think that the best tomato sauce is Hunt's it is not in a bottle, but it is in a can and you can either buy small cans or large cans either way it is a really good sauce and you can use it on anything that you would normally use tomato sauce for.

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