Question by  simplyheartfelt (52)

What is the best automobile gps?

My daughter is going off to college and I want her to have a gps.


Answer by  Greetings (15)

When researching best GPS to purchase, I was advised that Garmin was superior to Tom Tom due to its accuracy. Experts advised that the quality of the maps on Garmin surpassed those of its competitors. Based on that information I decided to purchase a Garmin GPS but was baffled as to which model to choose from.


Answer by  megan6966 (57)

In my opinion, i believe that the "Tom-Tom gps is the best one on the market, although it is more expensive, it is well made which makes the extra money spent worth it, especially when your daughter gets to where she needs to be safe


Answer by  hawgmom883aolcom (51)

I think the garmin nuvi is one of the best gps units available. while i have used other units i still think this model is one of the better ones .


Answer by  CateP (171)

If you have Verizon service you can add on VZ Navigator for just $9 a month.This is a turn by turn navigation on your cell phone and it speaks to you so you don't have to look at it to see the directions.It is convenient and she'll be able to us it if she is riding with a friend.

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