Question by  Skrpune (37)

What is the best auto GPS?

There are too many to choose from.


Answer by  MarkGress (479)

I would recommend either checking online for reviews or Consumer Reports on what the best GPS is. The good news is the price has come down so much that replacing one is easy to do now.


Answer by  N31J (148)

To be honest there are so many brands out there, tomtom, garmin... The list is so long that i could probably go into next week, but for me Navman is by far the best system i've ever used, the reason is because its very user friendly, i learned how to use it without the manual, so it passes my test!


Answer by  Ron27 (465)

Nowadays, there are so many GPS systems and they have become so affordable. Most work well. I love my Garmin Nuvi, and have used Magellan and TomTom before, both work.


Answer by  bowz (96)

The best auto GPS needs to have certain qualities. The GPS needs to have worldwide maps, or at least bordering countries. It should also have voice directions.

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