weight lifting


Question by  sj (10)

What is some weight training that's safe for seniors?

Do I have to consult a doctor?


Answer by  Flaka427 (107)

Dumbell training is good exercise program for seniors. It is great for home use and can vary in weight and seniors can customize the weight as they see fit. It would be useful to do repetitons such as 3 sets of 12 repetitions, witha break in betweem reps. Also consult with a doctor before any weight training programs are chosen.


Answer by  crisduarte (363)

I believe having seniors use the 2pound weights to lift up and down elbows length would be safe. They can do this while sitting down.


Answer by  redcorn (65)

Just about any form of weight training is safe and beneficial for seniors provided that they are reasonably healthy, and injury free. It is most important for seniors to learn implement proper form on all exercises.


Answer by  Jago2010 (56)

It is a training system that promotes body health based on safer and easier exercises. Seniors should consult their personal doctor be choose between those exercises that fit more to their condition.

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