Question by  ao (54)

What is involved in a Lutheran wedding ceremony?


Answer by  leilich (247)

There is no prescribed ceremony, except Lutherans feel a wedding is a worship service. Therefore, have a talk with with your pastor because local church preferences dictate what you can do. Some congregations frown on "Here Comes the Bride," giving the bride away, kissing at the end, or writing your own wedding vows. These practices are not worship to some.


Answer by  MariahD (12)

Most of the time you have to go thru pre-marital counseling before the date of the wedding. Otherwise there's just the classic Christian-Protestant wedding ceremony, ranging from 10 minutes to one hour. Unity candle/sand, exchanging of rings, kiss the bride.


Answer by  ddutel (6)

Lutheran Weddings are very similar to the traditional Catholic weddings. One thing that is different and notably awesome is that lutheran weddings involve a great and festive meal!


Answer by  Jess35 (445)

Music is very important in Lutheran wedding ceremonies. There is often much higher number of music selections that are played and sung compared to other wedding ceremonies. Usually communion is taken as well during the ceremony, and hymnals are sung by everyone. There are a select number of songs that are forbidden during Lutheran wedding ceremonies as well.


Answer by  SADAF (119)

These weddings are simple traditional wedding just in church within one is very important in this.Hymnals are sung by every one and kissing with bride is important at end.


Answer by  Puppyluv (173)

It varies depending on the church and the officiant, there are many interpretations. The best thing you can do is to contact the church and ask them for an outline of their wedding ceremony. From there you can ask more specific questions and decide if they are what you want.

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