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What is happening with the world today?


Answer by  ccorp (260)

The world is in a terrible economic hardship. People are losing jobs left and right. In many households, one spouse has to carry the burden by themselves to support the family. Others are homeless and many are struggling to pay mortgages, rent and put food on the table. How sad.


Answer by  mcHelen (24)

Quite frankly, it's going to hell in a handbasket. As a Christian I have to wonder about the cataclysmic events that have happened over the past five years and whether they signal the beginning of "End Times." Add to that the financial disarray facing the world and it becomes very easy to believe the end is upon us.


Answer by  Anonymous

It is only God that can answer this question. I don't know why government are doing this, most of them went to good school, use good library, little school fees or free, i don't know why trouble will sleep and people will delebrately weak it up.

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I understand what u ar saying,they will go to other peoples country to fight,when they have not finish the problem in their house,u ar sending ur people into slavery nd poverty for no reason.all in the name of cut.think b4 u do is better than do b4 u think.  add a comment
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We think it is fortunate that your gorvenment has been educated whereas ours has not, he has not completed primary school. He has six wives, twenty legitimaate children and we do not know how many illegitimate children. They still voted for him evens though he said he took a shower  add a comment

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Bird singing cheerfully...

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