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Question by  worker33 (41)

What is gestalt theory?


Answer by  MMarie (90)

Basically the Gestalt theory, is a psychological theory that suggests ways on which the human brain views and organizes things. This theory refers to the forming capability of our senses to group things as a whole in order to understand them instead of as individual things. In other words its just a way for our brains to interpret things.


Answer by  pancakequeen (127)

It is a twentieth century psychological theory developed in Germany. Gestalt means shape or form in German and the therapy is suitable for people who want a more holistic therapy option to the usual cognitive-based models. Gestalt theory postulates that the body and the mind are connected and to achieve healing, the crisis has to take a conscious form.


Answer by  ravishanker (155)

His theory is about a new product and its advantages and disadvantages and its use to the consumer and customer and mainly the targets of the customer's needs and marketing definitions and also ideas of giving advertisement for the product. There is a basic idea behind all this purposes mentioned above.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

It is a theory behind why we for the images we form instead of seeing curved and straight lines. It looks into the questions like "why when I look at a car I see a car and not some unrecognizable form". It is the idea that the brain can organize visuals into forms that we understand.

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