Question by  srinicse (12)

What is Germany's economy like?


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

1/3rd of their economy is based on exports. They're the world's leading country in exports. That part's going well. However, they have a 6. 2% unemployment rate, which is not good at all. There are a lot of bureaucratic costs that keep companies from making as much money as they should.


Answer by  spottygao (42)

In the area of finance, the German economy differs from the US and UK by a much closer relationship between firms and banks, who often have a presence on the company board. This means German firms rely far less on stock market finance and there are fewer hostile takeovers.


Answer by  xynny (28)

Germany's economy is facing quite a bit of pressure as European debt piles up. They are one of the strongest economies in Europe and has to support all the rest.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Germany focuses on high end manufacturing and export. They manufacture machinery, tools, aircraft, watches, and many other industrial and manufacturing equipment. They also make and export cars, cargo ships, and industrial software (like SAP).


Answer by  aks (221)

Germany's economy is the largest in Europe. It is highly developed and export-oriented. Germany is the world's most important exporter of saleable goods.


Answer by  Vladlen (358)

Germany is a leading economy in Europe. Service sector contributes to about 70% of the Germany's economy, about 30% is industrial sector and small percent is agriculture. Germany used to be leading exporter from 2003 to 2008. Germany mostly exports engineering and automotive products and it is leading in solar and wind power technologies.


Answer by  Anonymous

hi my name is hedda and i am from germany. i think germanies economy is gained by export!! p.S. sex rules :p


Answer by  spiro (78)

German economy this year lost the top first as the world's biggest exporter but her economic importance in the euro zone is dominant and decisive factor in all significant issues.

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