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Question by  amalthea25 (35)

What is considered "normal pain" after a dental filling?


Answer by  draiman1515 (156)

In my experience, this would be a dull ache, more or less. Soreness around the gum area is always to be expected from this procedure.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

After getting your teeth filled there should not be much pain or sensitivity in the area if the job was done well. If you have some pain that persists it is important to go back to your doctor. If the filling does not allow a proper bite, it could cause some discomfort and pain, and must be fixed.


Answer by  melon (250)

It can be normal to experience pain after a filling depending on the amount of work done in your mouth. If the pain gets severe call your dentist and you will be probably advised to get a pain killer. If the pain persists like a week, it is better to see your dentist.


Answer by  SunnyStars (836)

After a dental filling, the most sensitive area will most likely be your gums. You should feel some pain where the dentist injected your Novocaine. This pain should go away in 3 - 5 days. Call your dentist if the pain persists or gets worse.

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