Question by  DogLover82 (412)

What is causing my toilet to gurgle?

My toilet is gurgling.


Answer by  Chris50 (13)

There is a blockage in the mainline. If any water faucet is turned on while the mainline is blocked, the air in the line is pushed out through the toilet.


Answer by  mike90 (71)

Normaly a blocked main drain line will cause a toilet to gurgle. I would suggest having the line snaked out by a professional.


Answer by  Don73 (90)

Toilet gurgling can be caused by a slight blockage in pipe. The best thing to do is plunge the toilet and then flush it again. This should dislodge the blockage and allow all the water to be completely flushed to the sewer main. It may also be a blockage in the vent stack through the roof but plunge first.


Answer by  waterman (18)

Could be air in the lines. Try disconnecting the flexible tubing from the valve to the toilet to bleed out the air.

posted by Anonymous
I would not disconnected the (flexible) supply line, because if there was any air in it, it would be eliminated after just one flush. Clogged vent stack or partially clogged drain line are the most likely culprits.  add a comment
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