Question by  t60 (4)

What is an Ice Beam in Pokemon?

How do you get one?


Answer by  Clairlyssia (233)

Ice beam is a type of attack. Called a "TM" or technical machine. There are pokemon on the game that can learn it, guides online that can tell you how to get it, and walk through books for each game.


Answer by  KnowledgeExpert (33)

Ice Beam is an ice type move that is a special attack it may freeze the target however with a less than 10% chance. You may get this move by going to the game corner prize locations and buying it with your hard earned game coins.


Answer by  UberArceus200 (97)

Ice Beam is an attack learned by Pokemon. You can learn it by leveling up certain pokemon or you can find TM13 which lets you teach Ice beam to Pokemon.


Answer by  dda (164)

An ice beam is a move that you eihter have to get an ice or water pokemon to learn. There is another way to to get your pokemon to learn ice beam, you have to get the tm that contains ice beam.

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