Question by  Bob37 (21)

What is AbleNet?

I have CP.


Answer by  jimcwriting (219)

AbleNet is a company that designs products that help people with disabilities learn more easily. Their products are not limited to classroom situations. Instead, they like to examine real life problems that people may have. For someone with CP, perhaps their assistive technology products would interest you. They also have software applications that may help.


Answer by  Amanda99 (62)

AbleNet is a program aimed at children living with disabilities. They aim to make the learning environment fun and unique for these students, and designed specifically for them. AbleNet also helps disabled children adapt in situations other than the typical classroom setting, and strives to improve their lifestyle.


Answer by  unseen (150)

Ablenet is a company that creates ideas and products that help teach disabled individuals. It's fun, easy and fulfilling and helps individuals learn/interact with others in everyday situations.

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