Question by  Annai (13)

What is a sweet red Zinfandel?

I need a good sweet red Zinfandel?


Answer by  Hawthorne (129)

Zinfandel, often called Zin, is a red grape. It's more commonly made into a White Zinfandel by removing the red skin of the grapes. The Zinfandel grape originated in Croatia. The color of the wine is a deep red, almost black. Its flavor is spicy and peppery with a hint of fruit. Many California wineries offer this wine.


Answer by  Naimad (98)

Zinfandel is the name of the grape that is used to creat the wine, and it is sweet kind of grape


Answer by  bill14 (308)

The red zinfandels released by Hop Kiln (a smallish California winery) and l'ecole (a Washington winery) both have hints of sweetness that compliment excellent full bodies.

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