Question by  Jessie43 (16)

What is a summary of Digimon season 1?


Answer by  Kell (7)

Kids at a summer camp are whisked away to an alternate realm where they discover that they have been chosen to be the Digidestined. They travel through a forest as each of them meets their digital companion known as a digimon. The Digimon help the kids solve problems and battle against other digimon in order to save the world.


Answer by  bassplayer (257)

Digimon season 1 is the introduction to the Digimon series. 7 kids from summer camp are transported to a strange digital world fill with digital monsters which each of them have assigned to them. Through out the series they befriend other digital monsters and learn more about why they were brought to the digital world


Answer by  TMNT (120)

A group of kids gets sucked into a digital world where they make friends with digital monsters, have to fight others, and face bad guys. Consult wikipedia for more details.


Answer by  Bigmillzz (9)

7 children magically get transported to the digital world. Where they each got a digimon partner, they fought and protected the digital world.

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