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Question by  shatteredcode (65)

What is a medical condition called xerostomia ?

My dentist says I have a problem with it.


Answer by  jamesburchart (7)

Xerostomia is a medical term for dry mouth, causes can be drug use/abuse, nervousness, dehydration, age, salivary gland dysfunction. Treatments include resolving causitive agents if possible, mouthwashes and good hydration.


Answer by  swizz (390)

Xerostomia, is actually the medical term for dry mouth. In this case your mouth lack the ability to produce enough saliva to keep your mouth moist.


Answer by  AdleiDArcy (24)

Xerostomia literaly means "dry mouth": it's a pathologic condition due to the lack of saliva. Common causes can be drugs or poorly controlled diabetes, then Sjögren's syndrome.


Answer by  Aimala (30)

Xerostomia, often called cottonmouth, is dryness of the mouth due to a lack of saliva. It is not a disease but is related to a variety of medical conditions including cancer and drug addiction. Chronic xerostomia can cause many health concerns including halitosis and increased cavities.

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