Question by  Tina12 (112)

What is a good wedding gift for parents?

My parents will be getting married again soon and I would like to get them something very special.


Answer by  Doris59 (1647)

A piece of fine crystal would be appropriate. If you purchase plain crystal you can have the piece engraved with something meaningful. They then have something special as a reminder.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Get a photo album and put all the picture of them and the family for the years that they have already been married. Or any home movies that can be made into one family movie. Have their original wedding photo reframed.


Answer by  Touchdown (317)

One thing you may want to consider is creating a wedding slideshow. This would be pictures of them through the years that is set to music and shown on a DVD. These slideshows are a great gift and wonderful for everyone to view. To find a company that specializes in this simply do a web search for 'Wedding Slideshow'


Answer by  Anita27 (656)

You parents would appreciate wedding gifts that are personalized since they do not need the typical towels and dishes that most newlyweds get. Have their names engraved on a serving platter or picture frame.

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