Question by  robbinhoopes (19)

What is a good shoe polish leather protector?

I need a shoe polish that will protect the leather.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

The shoe polish you find in the little flat cans is essentially a wax. You put it on and let it dry. Then buff it. It leaves wax on your leather which makes it somewhat water resistant. Use a small piece of scrap cloth to apply the polish. Use an old towel or t-shirt to buff them.


Answer by  NikkiD65 (34)

I find that a cream or a paste shoe polish is best for leather shoes. It moisturizes the leather while covering any scratches.


Answer by  arushapatel (47)

There is a good Covington brand sold at Sears in the shoe department. There is liquid shoe polish in black, white, and brown, mink oil, shoe care sprays for athletic and workboots, and then buff on shoe polish in little plastic containers and very good brand of creamy soft shoe polish/conditioner would be the Meltonian brand of shoe cream.


Answer by  michele72 (33)

After cleaning shoes and polishing with traditional shoe polish. (Wait one day) Apply a small amount of petrolium jelly to a t-shirt and work in circular motion on shoe.

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