Question by  x0xbr0kenxdreamsx0x (15)

What is a good prank to pull off on my sister?


Answer by  sususu (866)

Run up to her with a letter and tell her that something amazing happened, such as winning a contest. After she acts excited, confess that she didn't.


Answer by  BigKevinG (59)

next time your sister leaves for a while go to her room and move everything around and watch her freak out not knowing where anything is


Answer by  Lmukeeper (262)

A classic prank, that works especially on women, is the shaving cream prank. Firt, wait until she is asleep. Then, put shaving cream into her hand. After, tickle her face with something. A feather usually works best. When she goes to to scratch the tickle, she will rub shaving cream all over her facce.


Answer by  AppleSauce (140)

One day, when your sister is away... you will fill her room with paper or styrofoam cups full of water. Start from the back of the room and work your way to the door. Make sure to put the cups with water carefully on the bed and any desks as well.

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