Question by  EcoCrafty (33)

What is a good method for indirect cooking a pork tenderloin on gas grills?


Answer by  bill14 (308)

Brine the pork using a recipe of your choice. From there, prepare the grill to medium-low heat, put the tenderloin on a rotisserie, rub with herbs, and grill.


Answer by  CaylasCreations (214)

The best way to indirectly cook pork tenderloin on a gas grill is to wrap it in tin foil. Add your marinade and other ingredients, then tightly wrap in tin foil to seal. You can also place it in a pan and place the pan over the grill, but the tin foil method works best.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Either set one burn on high, the next on medium, and the last on high. This will give a progressive hotter grill from one side to the other. This way if it starts to get hot on one side you just move it over.


Answer by  crabfoot (253)

If you insist - cut the string and stretch it out on aluminum foil which has been lightly pre-oiled. Coat one side with very coarsely ground pepper, turn over and repeat. Grill the skin side 15min, turn over and cook the flesh side 10min. Better as a pot roast.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

Take a large pot and fill with a combination of pineapple juice onions and celery. Place a wire rack over the pot. Spray butter flavored Pam over the Pork and wrap the meat in tin foil. Gently poke two dozen holes in the meat. Once the fluid has boiled out the roast should be ready.

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