Question by  abilash (20)

What is a good Islamic tattoo?


Answer by  booboobear (139)

You could get the traditional crescent and star design, or your favorite passages from the Koran done in fancy Arabic calligraphy. Any design that is personally meaningful to your faith will be good.


Answer by  GilFinn (2065)

Good question. Since tattoos are very much taboo to Muslims in general, one would expect that any tattoo depicting anything Islamic would be insulting to any Muslim seeing it.


Answer by  TravisUSMC (979)

A favorite saying in hebrew would be nice and I have done quit a few of them. A minora, onything to do with the tora an be thought out and done.


Answer by  Jacob47 (295)

The classic islamic tatto are: the hand of fatima, some Koran verses in arabic, the crescent with star or other stuff in arabic calligraphy.


Answer by  Anonymous

Salamualaikum brother... no tatoo is a good one because any and all tatoos are forbidden in islam no matter how "islamic" they are. Sorry.


Answer by  JohnFogelsburg (19)

The Crescent moon symbol with the star would be the best representation of an islamic tattoo. That or you could get something written in Arabic.


Answer by  ellen1 (14)

The term "good" is subjective. It really depends on what you want. No one could tell you what Islamic phrase to put on your body. It's your body, your tattoo, it's up to you.

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