Question by  Matthew49 (21)

What is a good gas treatment for motorcycles?


Answer by  blackjack (54)

SEA FOAM is a pretty good treatment. It can be used in all types of engines two or four stroke. It isn't that expensive and 1 can is more than enough for a motorcycle. It will clean the tank and entire fuel system. It can be purchased at most automotive supply stores. STA-BIL is good treatment for storage.


Answer by  martine (860)

A great gas treatment for motorcycles is a treatment called sea foam, it helps by foaming up and cleaning the carbon deposits left behind in combustion engines. They call this sea foam because of the blue green colored foam that makes people think of sea foam. I know it is available at most auto parts stores.


Answer by  Zon (122)

Most bikes don't need treatment. If yours predates lead-free gas, you can buy treatments that compensate for lack of lead, as older bikes depend on it to cushion their valves. Buy the best quality gas you can find. Higher octane is unimportant, unless your manual suggests it. Good luck!


Answer by  offroader54 (5)

There are more than a dozen gas treatments available at your local auto parts store or even places like Target or Walmart. Everyone seems to have their own favorite. Personally, I've had good experience with SeaFoam.


Answer by  sanityrose (2664)

One of the most popular gas treatments for motorcycles is a product called 'SeaFoam'. The product also has great ratings and reviews from 'Consumer Reports' and various motorcycle enthusiasts magazines. SeaFoam comes in a can and it is advised to use approximately 1 oz for each gallon of gas in your motorcycle. SeaFoam cost around $10 at Walmart and AutoZone.


Answer by  vathana (127)

There are gas treatments for motorcycles.Nowadays there is a heavy demand and scarcity for petrol.So the best way to overcome this problem is gas treatment.This is comparitively cheaper than petrol.The only thing we need to notice often is safety.The vehicle should be often checked properly that there should not be any leakages.

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