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Question by  rachel75 (30)

What is a good game to play at a sleepover?

My daughter is 12 and this is her first sleepover.


Answer by  kdthomas (31)

You should have all the girls go around the room and tell something special about your daughter. Later you can put it in a photo book with pictures.


Answer by  Danie86 (294)

A simple game of age appropriate truth or dare is always fun, or a good game of charades that the girls can make up themselves is another option.


Answer by  NGoodson (3395)

A good sleepover game is truth or dare, but to keep it safe, write down dares and questions on little pieces of paper ahead of time for the girls.


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

If the weather's good, take the girls on a "Snipe hunt." "Snipes" are nocturnal little lizard-like animals. Arm the girls with flashlights and a paperbag and offer a prize for the first team to catch one. Really play it up-- you can make it pretty far-fetched before they catch on. Celebrate "the hunt" with a fun treat or scary movie.

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