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Question by  derej26 (10)

What is a good brand for professional clarinets?


Answer by  JediDrumer (90)

Some of the best brands of clarinets include Leblanc, Selmer, Yamaha, and Buffet. As with many instruments, you need to listen to artists that you enjoy and see what brand they use. You also need to try the instrument first hand to see how it feels and sounds. Your performance can depend on how your instrument feels in your hands.


Answer by  nursepractitionerlisa (793)

The best is a Yamaha. Also good are Boosey. You have to consider the type of sound each produces - some are more mellow, more sharp or have a different timbre. Each also has a different feel in your hands. Some of them are easier to key or to play above the bridge. You really need to try each one.


Answer by  cmaopep (239)

The Buffet R13 is an excellent professional clarinet choice. The R11 of the same name has problems with 'key clicks' while playing and should be avoided. Getting a solid mouthpiece is important also so investing in a Selmer HS would be a wise choice also as it can make a huge difference in the sound and feel of your instrument.


Answer by  sisterkv (70)

Musicians often have differing opinions, but some commonly preferred professional clarinet brands are Buffet(specifically the R-13),Selmer Paris, and Leblanc. Leblanc is often preferred by jazz and dixieland musicians.


Answer by  hankadoo (148)

Professional clarinetists in orchestras throughout the United States recommend Yamaha. This is a widely-used, excellent brand for many professional clarinetists.


Answer by  helper72 (282)

Buffet Crampon is an excellent brand of clarinets. Their wood is of excellent quality and produces a fine, broad sound. The keys look very sharp and have a beautiful shape. And these clarinets only seem to improve with age.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

The best brands that I personally have ever played were Selmer and Bundy. There are also Yamaha and Yanagisawa, but they are, in my opinion, not as good as the other two.

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