Question by  Chris37 (2)

What is a badminton shuttle?


Answer by  Monkfish (51)

A badminton shuttle is the projectile used to play the sport of badminton. The shuttle consists of feathers attached to a rounded piece of cork. There are also synthetic shuttles made out of plastic. These are more durable than the ones made of feathers.


Answer by  PTS520 (17)

A badminton shuttle or shuttlecock is cone shaped with a cork base and sixteen feathers, or more likely plastic now. These are the "balls" used in badminton.


Answer by  A3N8LWJGYMGV98 (18)

The word shuttle is an abbreviated form of shuttlecock. It is a light-weight, conical structure made up of feathers and a cone. It is used in a badminton game.


Answer by  Joe80 (866)

A badminton shuttle or "shuttlecock" is that thing with the feathers badminton players hit back and forth in a badminton match.

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