Question by  kyrkiekgor (15)

What informaiton can you provide me on LARP's?

I need to learn more about live action role playing games.


Answer by  gamerchick (35)

LARPS are games like World of Warcraft, also known as MMOPRG's. They are played online where you are a character playing against other online characters in order to accomplish a goal.


Answer by  k80 (125)

"LARPing" is live-action role playing. People usually dress up as the character they are playing as (also known as cosplaying) and run around in the real world acting out their lives. You can meet LARP groups at conventions around the country.


Answer by  DawnDove (76)

LARPS difficulty depend on what kind of gamer you are. If you like to take your time to decide what to next, don't play them. Fast-thinking gamers should play.

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