Question by  kasen (46)

What happens when you put too much baking soda in a cake?


Answer by  Priyasundar (84)

Too much baking soda will make the batter bitter tasting. Also the baked cake will end up having a soggy centre and crumbly over all.


Answer by  skylark (15)

Firstly, the cake might explode! Or it could make the cake rise too much and too quickly and then collapse. It could also taste quite bitter.


Answer by  lalallalala (180)

Too much baking soda will give the cake a bitter taste, and may cause the cake to rise too high and collapse. This will Result in a ruined or unappetizing cake.


Answer by  wennifred (597)

Mostly it will just taste salty, though the baking soda can interfere with the other chemical changes going on in the cake, resulting in a pretty unappetizing confection.


Answer by  Anonymous

The taste will be bad soapy kinda. try soda water instead of baking soda in the recipe of cake. for amount google out 'tanu tried n tasted' chocolate cake.


Answer by  runnerbeans (374)

Too much baking soda may cause the cake to rise too much. After cooling, the cake will then fall. Additionally, the cake may have an "off", salty or metallic flavor.


Answer by  Shreyansh (236)

Too much of baking soda can cause the batter to be bitter in taste taste 7 such batter may suddenly rise rapidly and then collapse. The Cake will eventually suffer a fallen center,coarse & fragile crumb.


Answer by  Anonymous

If the baking powder is too much, cake will turn bitter and crumbly.

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