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Question by  Dorje (17)

What does teeth pain mean?

I went to the dentist last about 2 months ago.


Answer by  Mable (3008)

Sometimes it means your teeth have become sensitive -- try a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. sometimes it is actually sinus pressure -- if you feel congested, try a medicine designed to relieve the sinus pressure and congestion. And sometimes it is tooth decay, a cracked tooth or other problem for which you should return to your dentist.


Answer by  SimonLC (234)

Toothache means trouble. When the human body hurts is to warn that something is wrong. The fact that he went to the dentist yesterday does not exempt you from dental problems today. Several things can happen to your teeth ache and the only one that can really solve is the dentist. Why do not hear a second opinion?


Answer by  Holiwog (45)

If your teeth are hurting constantly, it means that you have toothache and may require another visit to the dentists. Or, it could be you're just suffering from sensitive teeth.

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