Question by  harishsrik (19)

What does Sutter Home White Zinfandel taste like?

Is it good?


Answer by  Zaka (2315)

It is sweet and pleasant, much like soda pop is. It has a decent acidity backbone, but don't expect much more than that. If you are not a habitual wine drinker I suppose this wine is good enough to pair up with hamnburgers or ham sandwiches. It is not a bad wine.


Answer by  NGoodson (3395)

Sutter Home White Zinfandel is a blush wine that is very light and has a perfect combination of sweet and dry. It's very good if you like wines that go down smooth and accentuate the taste of food.


Answer by  Zaka (2315)

It tastes like fruit soda. Its not bad, if you like soda and not wine. It is, however, an excellent wine to get soda drinkers to be introduced to wine.

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