Question by  andreaELmeyer (18)

What does sharifa fruit taste like?

What are some good recipes?


Answer by  Rohan (5)

Sharifa fruit taste somewhat like babana. This fruit is covered by green cover. Over every green like shell there is a seed. The seed is covered by edible part of sharifa. This sharifa taste more sweeter than other fruit if it is ripe. To check if it is ripe you have to smell it.


Answer by  ifrahmanha (4)

It taste like heavy sweet and lightly acid. Cut sharifa fruit into small pices, add milk and suagar, blend it in blender, add ice cubes and eat


Answer by  Baobao (1273)

It is sweet mixed with a little bit sour plus some fragrance, and it melts immediately when in your mouth.It can be made into syrup,juice,jam,wine and beverage.Its pulp plus sugar and milk can be made into champola.It has much nutrition and many functions such as resisting cancer and whitening skin.

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