Question by  GiorgioSironi (24)

What does java exception >=0 mean?

I keep getting a java exception.


Answer by  Mturk85 (133)

It means the left value is >= the right one. In other words, the left one is not smaller than the right one. Ex. both expression "5>=3" and "3>=3" are correct ones. But expression "2>=3" is false. If you got a ">=0" exception, please check the data type and the comparability of both sides.


Answer by  les59 (852)

This simply means that a Java exception has occured and that exception was greater than or equal to zero. Essentially this is an error in Java script. It may require you to close down Java and restart it again. If you go back to the website and it does it again, this is a problem with the website.

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