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Question by  mariya261 (12)

What does it mean when the service 4wd light comes on in a GMC Envoy?

In the last week the service light has came on and stayed on in my GMC Envoy.


Answer by  Mark89 (173)

It means that the computer detected a fault and was unable to engage the front drive wheels. You will need a specialized scan tool to find the exact error which would make trouble shooting a lot easier, but it most likely will be a failed actuator on the differential or transfer case.


Answer by  mdjames26 (533)

Could be a problem with the linkage that goes from the axle to the tire assembly. When the axle bar is not able to engage all 4 tires won't turn.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Obviously your 4wheel drive system is due for maintenance or there is a problem with the system. Take it to your dealer and have them check the error codes.


Answer by  oui72 (514)

Your Envoy has a four wheel drive system. Your Envoy employees this system. Means that all four wheels are working. That translates to a higher safety level. Means that you should be happy.


Answer by  karthikeyini (18)

We should try to remove the fuse as per the 2nd TSB to see if that set right. as this is common for other vehicles that includes all 2002-03 models.

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