Question by  VivekKumar (29)

What do you wear to a 4:30 wedding?


Answer by  LALA27 (98)

You would wear the same outfit to both a 4:30 wedding and a 7:00 wedding. All weddings are formal events. If a woman, a semi-formal dress with high heels. If a man, at least a suite and tie. For women and men, Macy's offers a great selection of semi-formal dresses.


Answer by  JennT (44)

If the wedding is outdoors and the weather is nice, wear a spring, strappy dress. If it is indoors a long gown would be appropriate. Men usually should wear suits for both indoor and outdoor, but they could wear a nice tan suit for an outdoor spring or summer wedding.


Answer by  janedoe (701)

Cocktail attire is most likely appropriate. Depending on how hot it's going to be, you will also want to bring a wrap (or a cardigan). If the ceremony is in a church, you should cover your shoulders regardless of the temperature. For men, it's easy - always wear a suit.


Answer by  Scottie77 (17)

Unless specified on the invitation, an afternoon wedding generally calls for something moderately dressy or semi-formal. A light colored dress or nice pantsuit would generally be appropriate for women, while men could wear dressy slacks and a tie. A suit coat would be optional. If there is any further question, you could always ask the bride!


Answer by  Bob3782 (161)

Usually evening weddings are more formal than weddings that occur during the day. Traditionally male guests would wear tuxedoes and female guests would wear gowns. These days, tradition is not always followed. What you wear can also be dictated by the location of the wedding and reception. When in doubt, ask the maid of honor.


Answer by  fesdre (655)

A wedding at 4:30 will still most likely be formal. Because of this, I would make sure that I wore a suit. A black or brown suit would work. I would wear a brighter shirt, such as blue or green though instead of black. Weddings are fun, so dress fun, but match.


Answer by  OCD (130)

The time of day is not as important as the preference of the bride and groom. If it is a traditional wedding go traditional and wear a dress or a nice suit. If not go along with the theme. Depending on who's getting married, you might be able to dress more casually.


Answer by  raj75 (47)

On different wedding occassions i will wear my dress. I will wear 4:30 wedding a casual shirt and jeans or i will wear a t-shirt on top jeans jacket and jeans.


Answer by  Anonymous

just bring out your swag. that's why you were invited, right?

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