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Question by  jimmay (19)

What do you recommend if blood won't clot after tooth pulled?

My gum just keeps bleeding.


Answer by  Yen (320)

There is a trick to stop bleeding. You can use a damp tea bag placed on the extraction sight. You bite on it to keep pressure just like you did with the gauze put in after the extraction. Tea helps stop the bleeding and is what I tell all my patients if the bleeding doesn't stop.


Answer by  Tracey62 (316)

After having a rather complicated tooth extraction, my dentist told me that if I kept bleeding to put a wet teabag, like Lipton, on the spot. There is something about the chemical composition of black tea that promotes clotting.


Answer by  cubanchick (188)

If your gums continue to bleed, you should continually wash out the crevice where the tooth had been pulled with water and spit out.

posted by Anonymous
Continually washing with water and spitting can be bad. Both actions loosen any clot that forms and could actually be the problem causing bleeding.  add a comment

Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Make sure that you are putting your gauze on where the tooth was extracted. Make sure you continue to change the gauze frequently. If it still won't clot you should call your Dentist. Non-clotting extractions aren't good.

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