Question by  TheKoopaBros (79)

What do you have to do to qualify for California state disability?

I have lupus.


Answer by  dlraska (460)

First off fill out all the paperwork and get doctor documentation. Second if they turn you down then get a lawyer. Let the lawyer do their job. When you go to court take with you all medication and make sure to wear hand and foot braces.


Answer by  Vince62 (91)

Get a copy of the test results for lupus from your doctor, Submit paper work to California disablility for permenent disability, contact your Congressman or Senator if not approved.


Answer by  cathybellejones (309)

Go to your local Social Security Office and apply for the disability. Take all of your medical records with you. They will take your information and later you will be required to go to the doctor of their choosing to confirm the lupus.


Answer by  KymBerly (447)

You will need to have your Doctor fill out the correct forms detailing your condition, and provide a complete medical history. Disability is simple for the most part if you pay attention. It will take you about 6 months to get it processed all told. Make sure to keep all appointments!


Answer by  zarasluv (197)

You first have to go throuh the SSI office and when you go be sure you have all your medical records with you for them to veiw in front of you ,the more proof you have the better for you to get it

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