weight lifting


Question by  Andelisha (56)

What do you do when you are a beginner at weightlifting?

I want to do this the right way.


Answer by  SomeGuy (14)

Find someone who has already achieved your specific goals and speak/train with them. Talk to the biggest/strongest guys in your gym/area. Don't neglect bodyparts, eat to gain weight and focus on strength in big compound movements. Work HARD in the 4-12 range 3-5x a week. Keep an exercise log.


Answer by  Doomstoned (1454)

Keeping your ego in check will greatly help avoid getting injuried. Successful weightlifting require years of committed work and dedication, so don't rush. Concentrating on proper form is also of utmost importance, especially before moving on to increasingly heavy weights. Keep your lifting slow and controlled and get adequate rest.

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