Question by  chetan (10)

What do you do for a clogged kitchen drain?

I tried to use a plunger but the water just comes up in the other sink.


Answer by  stinkymess (310)

I use a wire clothes hanger to see if I can remove whatever is clogging my sink. Then I pour hot water down to see if the clog is grease or something that would melt if heated. If that does not work, I turn off the water supply and disconnect the pipes to find the clog.


Answer by  George38 (6)

The best and most clean way to do it is by removing the water from the sinks as good as possible. Then you can place some drain cleaning products like "Drano" of "Flup" in the sink hole. (you can easily find them in supermarkets). Pour hot water carefuly.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

First thing to do is try and seal the other side off whit a damp towel or a rubber stopper. Then try to plunge it. If that doesn't work try removing the u-trap and see if it is clogged. Otherwise you need to call a plumber.


Answer by  Hungry (30)

More than likely there is a clog in the P-trap for this kitchen sink, use a small bucket to catch the water when you take this apart.

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