Question by  joe27 (4)

What do the official rules for Canasta say about who deals?


Answer by  SpaceMunkee (245)

The official rules say the first dealer is chosen at random, and the person who deals next proceeds clockwise (to the left). There is no official way to choose the random first dealer, but popular options include rolling dice or seeing who draws the the highest or lowest card from a deck.


Answer by  Jemian (222)

The initial deal is determined by having each player draw one card. The person drawing the highest card is the first dealer. A Jack beats all other cards, a two is higher than an ace and a three is the lowest card. Deal proceeds clockwise after each hand.


Answer by  Justin1010 (48)

The official rules say that the first dealer of the game is chosen at random. After that, the cycle goes in a clockwise motion.

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