Question by  squiffy (130)

What do poke balls do in Pokemon?


Answer by  czc2844 (158)

Poke balls are meant for a few things in Pokemon. First and foremost they are a means of capturing wild pokemon. They're also used to house pokemon conveniently during travels.


Answer by  awesomeest (22)

Pokeballs catch pokemon. You cannot catch pokemon or expand your pokemon collection without using pokeballs to catch them in. In order to catch a pokemon, depending on your skill level, it normally takes a few pokeballs. You can get more pokeballs again by finding them or buying them from a general store.


Answer by  Thatguy50 (69)

Pokeballs functoin like cages in the poke'mon series in that they are used to capture and carry poke'mon. Throwing a pokeball is used to capture or release a poke'mon.


Answer by  Young55 (70)

Poke Balls are used to capture Pokemon and tame them - they also serve as portable habitats for already-tamed Pokemon


Answer by  katherine (161)

From what I have been told about the game is that when the ball actually touches him, they magically turn into energy. The pokemon trainers use the round device to trap Pokemon and they store them when its not being in use. When that happens Pokemon can not do anything to react

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