Question by  LaLa95 (14)

What do I do if my sim card registration failed?


Answer by  Halgali (62)

Sim registration failed simply means that your sim card is not communicating with the network. There could be different reasons for this behavior. The main reason is the sim card is inactive or not registered or barred by the service provider with whatever reasons. Try removing the sim card from the phone, wait for few seconds and insert it back.


Answer by  lvspy23 (62)

You can go to your local cell store or call them up to get a new one. If you call, it will be a couple of days to get it; but if you go to the store, then you can get it right away and they can help you register your sim card


Answer by  Jamie5143 (47)

You should take it out and put it back in again and then turn on your phone. Most likely this should work. If not contact your provider right away and they will figure it out.


Answer by  JENN2525 (220)

Well if it failed you have to call customer service or basically go back to the store that you were getting the sim card from in the first place and have them program it for you. The other best thing is maybe the card has some faults. Get a new one.


Answer by  bosepe (25)

Well,first what you need to do is to visit the nearest mobile phone provider store and ask for a quick check up of your sim card.They must see what the couse of trouble is and then fix my opinion you will have to change your sim card.


Answer by  ijlalnoor (2656)

You should contact your carrier as there might be a problem in your SIM or it was not registered with the carrier properly.


Answer by  margretbee (0)

I addition to all the above reasons there is a chance that your mobile may be locked with any particular network carrier that is why you are getting this error in that case you can try unlocking at OnlineGSMUnlock to solve this issue...

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