Question by  Recruiter (23)

What do I do about a Quickbooks update error?


Answer by  cghits (33)

If the program still runs, then just re-initiate the update process. If the program no longer works, then try popping the installation disk back in and doing a repair function to try and fix the files. If nothing works then uninstall and then re-install.


Answer by  BBBrian (282)

You should contact Quick Books support provided you have a legal copy of the program. If you are getting a specific error type that into google to see if anyone else has had that issue.


Answer by  xAtomichamsterx (100)

If you receive an error when downloading updates, close the program and go onto the program's website. Look for a section where updates are available and download directly from there.


Answer by  ambo1516 (160)

you can do about a quickbooks update error is by checking your internet connections maybe some cable is not plug well so you got an update error


Answer by  ShayanFCB (366)

Try updating it again, and if that doesn't work then go to your program icon and right click and choose uninstall and uninstall the program. Then, download the program again from the Quickbooks website and try to download it again. It will also possibly be up to date so you won't even need to update it

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