Question by  vishnu2830 (20)

What do Aquarium dragon Goby eat?

I need to know what to feed my aquarium dragon goby.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

The commonly used and advised food is tropical fish flakes but if u feed it to your goby they will starve and die. The best food for dragon goby is black worms, blood worms and brine shrimp. Following this food habbit will lead them to grow upto 12 inches size.


Answer by  realtor57 (118)

Although these fish aren't predator's, they like to eat small, live foods. Sometimes, they will eat a sick or injured fish. They will accept frozen and pelleted and flake foods. They love to eat worms.


Answer by  ambi901 (473)

The dragon goby eat small live foods, but will accept frozen and/or pelleted and flake foods. they Love worms. Also they will eat the algie from the bottom of the tank as well as off the glass and the rocks in the cage. they will also eat small or injuried fish.


Answer by  Brown (18)

Aquarium dragon Goby love to eat worms. They will also eat frozen, pelleted or flaked foods. Mostly, they like small live foods, but are not predatory fish will usually only eat sickly small fish.

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