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Question by  Josh41 (113)

What dip goes best with Tostitos?

I love Tositos.


Answer by  najahp (20)

My question is why choose? I've eaten them with all kinds of different salsas, bean dips and of course the old standby - guacamole. The only limit is your imagination.


Answer by  tostitobandito (6)

When I crave to satisfy my stomach with some great tasting chips and dip I will always find myself grabbing the Tostitos and a mildly spicy guacamole dip. Occasionally, I will use salt and pepper in the dip, but with Tostitos you really do not need any because they make the flavor of the dip so much better!


Answer by  sandykin (39)

The distinct corn flavor and crunchy texture of Tostitos fits best with a robustly flavored dip. Any type of southwestern-style dip such as salsa, bean dip, or guacamole would be a good choice. Try to avoid very thin dips, as they will run off and will not add the flavor/texture you would get from a thicker, heavier dip.


Answer by  Mel89 (239)

When I eat tostitos I like to grab dips that are also made by tostito. I'm not sure what it is but they just taste better with the chips. I usually go for the mild salsa, spinach dip, or french onion dip.


Answer by  alz (2329)

Most types of dips go well with Tostitos. My personal favorite is salsa, although many people are partial to queso, or even the mixture of salsa con queso. French onion dip is also very popular to put on Tostitos, or really any kinds of chips in general. Although I don't like it, some poeple like a bean dip.

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