Question by  answerer (24)

What could be wrong with my TV that turns off by itself?


Answer by  jeremy46 (325)

Evil neighbors with remote controls notwithstanding, you likely have a problem with the TV's power supply module. This is not a user-serviceable part, seek a qualified TV repairman.


Answer by  Advisor (1032)

Many TV models are designed to turn off automatically if overheated to prevent fire potential. If you have a newer set, unplug for a short period (at least one minute) and plugging in again should reset the system. If problem persists, change batteries in remote control in case of corrosion. Consult owner's manual.


Answer by  sharon52 (195)

One possibility is that the sleep function on the remote has been set inadvertently. This means that every time you turn on the television set, it will turn itself off after the number of minutes that have mistakenly been entered on the sleep function.


Answer by  lynn (821)

if this happen at regular intervals the shut off timer has probably been set to turn off after the tv has been on for so many hoursor at a certin time of day. Otherwise there may be some kind of other electronic interference causing the problem.


Answer by  Echo (229)

We have the same problem with our television. I can't really figure it out. It could be that there's somehow a timer involved that you set by accident. We have three people here that sit on the remote by "accident."

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