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Question by  Mego71 (8)

What can you tell me about the anime character DBZ Videl?


Answer by  PhoPho (153)

Videl is Gohan's girlfriend in the final story arc of Dragonball Z, during the Buu saga. They begin as friends, but it is obvious where their relationship is headed. She is the daughter of Mr. Satan, also known as Hercule in the english dub. In Dragonball GT, Gohan and Videl have a daughter named Pan.


Answer by  dbzhero (12)

DBZ refers to Dragon Ball Z, a popular Japanese anime series. Videl is a character from this series. Videl is a female character, known for fighting crime with martial arts that she learned from her father. She is very strong and skilled in fighting. Her name comes from the word "devil" scrambled.


Answer by  Simo53 (90)

Videl is the daughter of Hercule (or Mister Satan depending on translation/version). She also trains in martial arts and fights crime with her skills. She later marries Gohan and has a son with him - Pan.


Answer by  questionkid (146)

The rough and tumble raven-haired Videl of Dragon Ball Z has her origins in the anagram of her name "Devil." Her father is Mr. Satan, who spoils her and keeps her away from boys. This doesn't stop her from falling for Gohan, who she tricks into teaching her levitation.

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