weight lifting


Question by  andrewpeters (18)

What can you tell me about MMA and weightlifting?


Answer by  Brett (7986)

MMA (mixed martial arts) and weightlifting aren't related in any way, except that most fighters would lift weights, as it would help them with their strength (which in turn, would make them a better fighter). Many fighters you can tell lift weights, but there are some, which obviously don't (Big Country Roy Nelson is one! ).


Answer by  StarOne (941)

You can find several books and websites that integrate mixed martial arts and weightlifting. There are those that don't feel you need to mix weight training with martial arts and others that agree with this method.


Answer by  arthy (99)

weight lifting is used in many ways. It is mainly used for to measure the weight and how we protect with care. Mainly it is used in hospitals for patients that the Doctor says we have to take our calories with proteins etc. whether we may have too weight how will we lose our weight with the same calories.

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