guinea pigs


Question by  blaze (27)

What can you tell me about bumblefoot in guinea pigs?


Answer by  Mumma (483)

It is a serious foot infection with many causes (wet/unsanitary bedding, lack of exercise, dangerous wire cage floors). Amputation might be required if not treated promptly by an exotics vet.


Answer by  Jolie (1227)

Its a foot pad infection in guinea pigs. It can lead to disability and death in guinea pigs. It can happen from a wire cage bottom. Antibiotics can be used to help treat bumblefoot.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

Bumblefoot is a painful footpad infection caused by poor sanitation/wet bedding, obesity/lack of exercise or dangerous wire floors. If not treated promptly by an exotics vet, amputation might be necessary.

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