Question by  jody (18)

What can you tell about the Magic the Gathering game with the Bible?


Answer by  klamp (98)

Little to nothing about the game "Magic the Gathering" can relate to the Bible. There are different demons, spells and other types of sorcery as well as the goal of taking all of the players life. The Bible preaches against most everything Magic is about.

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that is retarded. The actual names of demons used in the game are right out of the hebrew bible. learn your facts before you comment  add a comment

Answer by  PhoPho (153)

The Magic the Gathering card game is a fantasy oriented game of strategy aimed towards adolescents and adults. Some have made claims in the past that the Magic card game is of an occult nature, however, this is a falsehood. It is simply for entertainment purposes.


Answer by  StandardDad (38)

Any devout Christian will have issues with this games as there are numerous references to sorcery, witchcraft and demons. As an overview you have spells that you can cast at your opponent, creatures you can summon (incl demons) and you win by reducing your opponent to zero life.


Answer by  PeterAaron (408)

Are we referring to "the word of God" Bible or a card? I would say the "Bible" book more than likely condemns the game as it does everything else.


Answer by  Peter1563 (265)

Some people believe that the Bible prohibits fantasy games, but the actual passages used to back up these assertions are relatively sparse. Games like that didn't exist when the Bible was written, but stories just about always have. Would it be morally wrong for a writer to tell their story how they want? I think the same answer applies here.


Answer by  JenT (166)

It is a fantasy trading card game in which players must win cards to increase their power. The Bible may not support the references to the occult in the game.


Answer by  DesertRat (699)

There is nothing in the Bible that will help you play Magic better. Forget the free volume from the Gideons and buy a real rulebook.

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