Question by  MARAKKUDI (25)

What can you do when the dental office bills the wrong insurance code and your HMO will not pay?

My dental office billed under the wrong code and my HMO will not pay.


Answer by  TheAnswerFairy (2345)

The first thing to do would be to talk to your dentist and see if they can fix their mistake. If it was not a mistake or they cannot change the billing, you will have to pay for the dental work out of pocket.


Answer by  bloodyfreak (172)

I would recommend calling the dental office and make sure they coded the procedure correct. Sometimes it may have been coded correctly and when the insurance company got the bill, they entered the data incorrectly. Usually the billing staff in an office will research any claim denials, but it is a good idea to bring it to their attention nicely.


Answer by  GoTigers2010 (24)

If your dental office billed under the wrong insurance code they will have to resubmit the claims, because this is THEIR error. The insurance company sends the office a notice that they will not cover the procedure. Contact your Dentist ASAP!

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