Question by  worker3340 (33)

What can you do about eye glass pain?


Answer by  John (9008)

If they hurt your eyes, then you probably have the wrong prescription. Otherwise, most glasses can be adjusted by any optometrist or at any store that sells glasses.


Answer by  enhodge (20)

You can take breaks between wearing you glasses and try contacts. This may lessen the strain or pressure on your nose or behind you ears. If the problem is eye strain then you should get your eyes check again. Your perception may have changed. Also, take them off when sleeping or napping.


Answer by  kmiser (79)

If you are experiencing pain from wearing your eyeglasses, they are not properly adjusted to fit. The frames were properly adjusted when you first were fitted, but daily use and improper storage can cause them to get out of alignment.


Answer by  Kiall (17)

If your eyes ache wearing them you might need a new pair, so see an optician. If they're rubbing, you can adjust them or fit padded sleeves on the arms.


Answer by  juanita57 (1374)

If you have just got a new eye prescription for glasses, you could very well get a headache until your eyes gets use to the new prescription. Also if your eyes have gotten worse with pain you could need a new eye vision check up. If your eyes bother you alot with pain, go to the eye doctor.

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